Minimum of 4 players required.  Pass ball into player. Confined to a 5×5 box. Object Of The Game:  1 or 2 touches to get out of the box and pass to team mate. Key Coaching Points:  Be ready to adjust body shape Use of all parts of feet Positive touches

Minimum of 8 players required.  Good warm up session. All travel into the square and turn right or left. Object Of The Game:  To change direction quickly in a crowded area. Key Coaching Points:  Spacial awareness whilst travelling Recognising open areas Change of pace

Minimum of six players required. 4 attackers (X’s) to keep possession of the ball against the 2 defenders (O’s) . Attackers to keep the ball for 10 passes. Object Of The Game:  To play a pass between two defenders. Key Coaching Points:  Angles of support Decisions of when and when not to risk the ball Timing…

Minimum of six players required. Even teams. Possession based game. Object Of The Game:  Receive ball from outside player, play through the area to the opposite outside player. Key Coaching Points:  Body shape to receive ball Angles of support Movement after pass is made

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